Game Over to IBD

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation partnered with Charity Dynamics to luanch a number of engaging web features.

Project Description

World IBD Day takes place on May 19th and every year, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation dedicates this day to increase awareness of and familiarity with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). They teamed up with Charity Dynamics say “game over” to IBD.

We created a digital world to create awareness in an interactive, and fun way. Including an original videogame created by web designer Asher Kain.


  • Chron’s & Colitis Foundation was looking for a unique way to stand out from other marketing noise and other World IBD Day campaigns.
  • They wanted to show people living with IBD that they are not alone and build community.
  • They were looking to introduce their new livestreaming fundraising program in a creative way.
  • The organization were hoping to elevate their fundraising through individual giving.


  • Chron’s & Colitis Foundation used a retro gaming theme to mimic old school arcade games.
  • We created an interactive world map. Patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and anyone who cares about someone who has IBD could pin themselves on an interactive map.
  • Recommended a World IBD Day T-shirt to be awarded to donors that gifted $100 or more in order to incentivize larger donations.
  • Assembled a World IBD Day themed Video Game created by web designer Asher Kain.
  • Built a downloadable Zoom Background to Show Support For the Cause.


  • 14 gaming fundraisers were set up.
  • Raised $8831. (Prob. need to build this up)
  • RESULT #3